The Torimba Festival is a chance for the girls to participate in activities, meet new people and learn about their community. Entrants must be 17 years or more by the end of the current year to enter.

There are many fun events for the entrants to attend throughout the festival. Judging of the girls will take place over the entire Torimba period.

These seven local girls have chosen to be part of this year’s Ravenshoe Torimba Festival by becoming Torimba Queen Entrants.

During the coming weeks they will get to know their sponsors at the Meet and Greet, learn about styling, beauty and personal conduct in a Deportment and Grooming course and present little Miss and Master with their sashes and prizes at the Miss and Master Torimba fun morning.

Then as the big day approaches the girls will have to put together a float each representing this year’s theme, ‘Country & Western’, for the Mardi Gras street parade on 14th October 2017, procession at 3pm Grigg Street.  Before this they will learn how to run a street stall at the Queen’s Cake Stall on the morning of the 7th of October 2017 at 8:30am Grigg Street, then welcome guests at the opening of the Festival of the Forest at 12 noon of the same day at the Festival Hall.

At the Mardi Gras they will have fun teaching kids how to run with an egg and spoon at the old fashioned games. Perhaps they will venture to put a team together with their friends for the Truck Pull or gain joint muscle with a partner in the Jack and Jill cross cut saw competition.

There will be much fun, laughter and dressing up for the girls to do with their friends in Ravenshoe throughout early October.

The last event for the Queen Entrants will be the Torimba Ball on the Saturday 21st October 2017, where the 2017 Torimba Queen will be crowned, along with the announcement of Miss Charity and Miss Personality.